Who we are

Here at Simply Peachy, we believe in making others smile and spreading peach and happiness one pop at a time. Our main goal is to give back to those that need it most, our local schools and kids. Therefore, we practice what we peach (or should I say preach) and always give a portion of our profits back to local Arizona schools & the community.


What We Do

Being educators, we know first hand the hardship that schools face with funding. Therefore, we are committed to donating a percentage of our sales back to Arizona schools. This money can be used for anything, from after-school programs, sports, field trips, and much, much more. We feel passionate about giving back to our local Arizona schools so that kids have the opportunities to experience more with the extra funding.

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Why choose us

Our products meet the Arizona Nutrition Standards & are smart snack approved.  Our smoothie pops have NO high fructose corn syrup, NO rBST's, is packed with protein, gluten-free, kosher,  and have live & active cultures.  Our sorbet pops are completely vegan & are made with real fruit! Our pops are all made with high-quality ingredients and great flavor.

Start Earning Money Now

Are you ready to raise money?   We've helped tons of schools and organizations raise money towards field trips, after-school programs, junior ambassador, PTO, etc. We can come weekly, monthly, or for a one-time event. Contact us in advance, let us know how many pops, what flavors, and we'll be ready! We will set up at your event, sell our pops, and simply give you a percentage of our sales as we walk out the door.  Want to make even more money?   Let us drop off our pops at your event, have someone from your school or organization sell, and earn an even higher percentage of the sales for your organization.

What people are saying about our POPS..

Simply Peachy smoothie pops are so delicious! What a refreshing new take on the smoothie! Perfect for summer. These are not only tasty, but healthy too! A wonderful alternative to ice cream. P.S. the owners are the sweetest girls you'll ever meet! -Ayanna J.

These are super delicious pops with lot of flavor without an overdose of sugar.  I rarely finish desserts but this one went down super smooth. -Meenu D.

Efficient and friendly service. My friend bought like 5 of the smoothie pops for work so I'm excited to try all the flavors when working!  -Ashley T.


I have had the opportunity to find Simply Peachy Smoothies in a couple of places and, of course, tried them. I LOVED them.  My favorite is the Orange one. My husband likes the Strawberry, peach kiwi.  It's nice to know I'm eating something tasty made with good ingredients. I saw them at my grandsons opening baseball ceremony and also at a Gilbert elementary school meet the teacher night.  The best part about Simply Peachy is they give 25% of their sales back to the schools.  At the baseball ceremony they did it for the little league, at 25%. I was inspired by their story and would buy from them over and over.   - Jenell W. 

I had the chance to try Simply Peachy at my son's Little League Opening Night.  After trying samples of the different flavors, we purchased smoothie pops for all 5 members of my family!  We were happy to find an option for a sweet treat that was reasonably priced and delicious.  I had the chance to speak with the vendor and found out she is a teacher and gives 25% of her profits back to local schools! Simply Peachy is a welcome addition to the local businesses I choose to support, and I hope they see success as they continue to grow and learn about their customers.  -Kristen B.

Quite simply the BEST treats especially when recovering from dental surgery! These yummy smoothie pops have been a lifesaver for me. The Orange-A-Peel is my personal favorite, it’s like an Orange Julius popsicle!!  -Carrie A.

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